Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Life is crazy, enjoy it!..

So I decided to go visit my folks in a small coastal village in Africa for 5 days in the beginning of Jan.. I needed a short break and just to get out of the city. I arrived in this small coastal village on the 9th of Jan and got straight into chill mode on the lagoon with some drinks and sushi with family and friends at sunset... I had no clue what lay ahead.. The sun set and we motored back home in the dark, by now we were feeling very mellow and happy so we had a few more beers and got the braai going. Out came the brandy and the meat and of course some music to get things going. The braai was baeie lekker!..... 1 more brandy...... And thats when I realized, it was time to go squeek some tekkie. So I took my sector 9 for a spin down to Quay Four and had a few more brandy's when I suddenly realized I could skateboard uphill, and I motored off to the main street where I found a bar.........

I ordered a drink and sat down. Out of the crowd and smoke appeared a woman.. A beautiful creature with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, and she said, " Are you the guy with the skateboard? " ... A few seconds later 3 guys appeared and pulled her away, saying that she had a boyfriend and that I should stay away from her...... Well lets just say I like a challenge. I went back and called her, she obliged and we chatted some more until I got a 2nd warning.. I could see this was going to be tough so I waited until things had cooled off and I cornered this beautiful creature and got her number....... I then leant over and kissed her. The 3 bodyguards re-appeared and this time they were hardly impressed. I told them to fuck off or come talk to me outside.. They declined and I decided it was time to leave. I woke up the next morning with a big smile. I needed to see this girl again. I msg'd her, and she msg'd back. We chatted for a while and I asked her on a date. She declined and said she had a boyfriend. I then asked her if she wanted to learn to wakeboard and she said YES! Woohoo! I got this! Two failed attempts at organizing a wakeboard session and I was getting frustrated, my 5 day holiday was coming to an end and I would never see this person again....

Literally 4 days into my holiday, and something magical happened.. I finally convinced her to join me for drinks. I was very nervous. I hadn't done this in a while cos I wasn't keen on anything serious due to my list of psychotic ex-girlfriends who had a tendency to be manipulative, devious and completely irrational.. Anyway there was something very powerful about the driving force behind the arms of destiny because everything clicked into place exactly as it should and all obstacles just fell away. After we had a few drinks we climbed onto my father's boat and drove off into the moonlit lagoon where we found a private beach and set anchor. We spent the next few hours chatting and skinny dipping.. Sparks flew and I knew then and there, that there was something special about this.

To say the least, I canceled my flight the next day so I could get to know Alexa a bit better.. 5 days turned to 25 days, and before I knew it she was on the plane with me to Ballito for a weeks holiday. Life is crazy, enjoy it!


  1. Awesome man life is a bit short and very time left for shit burgers. Point be, live it, love it.

    1. Thanks for your comment, I agree.. No time for shit burgers! Peace! =)

  2. Candice Reijnders9 February 2012 at 07:27

    Life is too short to watch it pass you by. These are moments in time that instantly become a part of your life forever. Grab every opportunity you can..... live and love life on purpose and cherish those in it. I'm so glad you took the plunge... and make my friends heart smile with happiness x x x

  3. Totally agree with everything you said Candice.. Lexi is amazing and I intend to do just that ;) Thanks for your great comment!


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