Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My thoughts on religion..

We are all ignorant and no one has the answers. I believe in a creator and that we are a deliberate/important part of something beautiful and amazing. The universe is far too majestic and perfect for it to be solely a scientific coincidence. None of us can yet explain the beginning of time, the creation of life, and what lies beyond, so why do we cling to fairytales in books written by men? Accepting religion as truth means accepting something with no basis in established fact as being true, so religion is therefore illogical and fiction.

I don't know what created the universe and the stars, which created planets like ours and seeded it/them with all the elements necessary for life to begin. What I do know is that Christianity claims that we are God's divine/only creation and that he sent his son Jesus to Earth to be tortured and murdered by us and then save us. What I also know is that there is absolutely no solid evidence that Jesus ( son of God ) even ever existed except for in the bible. So why do people believe, so blindly and categorically, in these stories?. What triggers that shut off switch that allows absolutely no room for questioning the hypocrisy of religion? What I do know is that before the rise of Christianity, lived a civilization called the Sumarians around 3500BC. Scientists and researchers have found over 22000 stone tablets which have been translated and the basic story of the Sumarians is that they were a slave race to the Anunnaki Gods ( translated as "people who came from the skies" ) and that the Anunnaki came to mine gold on Earth. They needed workers so they created the Sumarians possibly by genetically manipulating cavemen or apes. A strange coincidence is that in both texts ( Sumarian and Hebrew ), there is a reference to the creation of man - Adam ( Hebrew for man ) and Adamu ( Sumarian for 1st man ). In these stone tablets are also mentions of the great floods and a few other stories mentioned in the bible.

What I do know is that Myles Coverdale, working under commission of Sir Thomas Cromwell, secretary to Henry V111 and Vicor General wrote and prepared the Great Bible. Coverdale also translated the remaining books of the Old Testament and Apocrypha from the Latin Vulgate and German translations, rather than working from the original Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic texts. Oh did I mention that Henry V111 was a murdering psychopath who beheaded 2 of his wives. I bet you didn't learn that in church. The thing that bugs me the most about religion is that people change it whenever they feel it suits them and yet still claim that their religion is real. For example up till 2008, Christianity claimed that we were God's sole creation  ( alone in the universe ) and, to get to Heaven, we had to do so through his son Jesus. The Roman Catholic Pope changed the fundamental laws of Christianity in his statement in 2008, that he thinks we might not be alone in the universe. If this is true, how will the aliens find eternal life in Heaven if God's son Jesus was born and lived on Earth? There are around 20 major religions in the world. Lets say only 3 of these claim that theirs is the only one that holds the key to eternal life.. If I was a gambling man I'd say fuck those odds, 1 in 3 chance!!?, and I've gotta spend my whole life going to church and doing dumb shit like praying to something that could be another thing and might send me to the oven for eternity if I call it the wrong name or blaspheme or have sex before marriage.. This brings me to another example of changing what the bible teaches. Here's what the bible says -

1 Corinthians 6:18-20 & 1 Corinthians 7:1-2

"Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body. What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's. Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman. Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband."

Kinda makes me wander what life was like in a time with no birth control, little education, and women had no say.. How would you, as a leader of corruption, power and all things sinister, try halt the population from breeding and becoming ever more dependent on your pocket? Maybe throw in a few cryptic words about fornicating, sin, and the terrible things that will come your way if God doesn't accept you into Heaven?? I have met many people who claim to be Christian but choose to forget that little law. How can something with so many holes in it remain so solid in the minds of 2 billion people around the world? What I also know is that no sane person has ever spoken to God and got a response. If you heard voices you were either meditating and heard your subconscious mind releasing inner thoughts, or you were stoned, high on LSD, or completely insane. For those of you who say that ever since you became Christian ( found the Lord ), your life has finally started making sense and you've become a better person, have you ever heard of positive thinking, distraction, and a support system?? Thats all you getting, its not that you have a relationship with God or Jesus, its nothing divine or great, its just your mind working how it should, accepting love from people and giving love, and focusing your mind away from your troubles through distraction, as well as having a support system. You can achieve all of this through meditation and positive thought, so why is the religious fairytale so divine?

I dont know exactly how Christianity started but I have a fair idea that it was started by a group of powerful, literate people ( lets call it an Empire ) about 2 thousand years ago as a means to control the masses and gain more power and wealth. I also know that around the time of its origin, only about 15 percent of the population were literate. Hmmm.. What kind of stories would you write to grab the attention of the illiterate masses if you had the big black book, a golden pen and an appetite for power and wealth? What I know is that Christian empires in Europe went around slaughtering any people who were accused of being heathen in the most horrific ways imaginable, either being burnt alive, ripped apart or disemboweled. This happened to pregnant women, men and children - IN THE NAME OF CHRIST!. What this did was create entire populations of God fearing Christians who were easy to control and this is how religion spread from generation to generation. What I don't know is why people living today are still too scared to query the fallibility and cruelty of their religion that has been passed down through nothing else but fear that their parents' parents instilled in them. What I do know is that religion causes wars and wars cause suffering and death. I also know that millions upon millions of people have been executed and suffered unimaginably cruel deaths because of Christianity. What I don't know is WHY people seem to happily forget that they are supporting a disgustingly cruel man-made cult and a system that, in our past, has only represented power, greed, hypocrisy and suffering. In fact as far as I know, Christianity has caused the deaths of millions more innocent people than has Satanism and/or any other religion..

What I do know is that no almighty and amazing God/savior is going to waste his time developing his divine creation, then leave it alone to fend for itself with no sign of him or his son anywhere, and then expect it to believe in him blindly or they'll burn in Hell for eternity for their stupidity and ignorance.. Haha sorry if you're Hindu, Islamic, or Buddhist, you chose the wrong one! Now you must burn FOREVER! All I'm saying is that having faith in the existence of something beyond this world like an afterlife is beautiful and healthy, and that, yes religion has its place in keeping order in the world, but what I'm telling you is that the religion and God you learn in books and in church through preachers is indoctrination and has no factual basis on anything.

Lastly, if you decide to study something for the next 7 years of your life, you research it first right? So why do people not research what lies behind their religion, the true darkness behind the cover up. Open your minds people, be free, be alive, love and be loved, and believe in an awesome God and a Heaven for ALL people if it makes you happy ( just not the one in the bible - he sounds cruel and insecure ). By supporting Christianity, you are accepting and condoning the horrific past, caused by your religion, and therefore are an integral part of the negative energy which lives on inside you. Its the same as apartheid, if I today claim to be a supporter of the movement, I'd be claiming to be a supporter of racism, murder and cruelty.. Do the math.. You are bigger, stronger and wiser than that. Religion is man-made, faith in an almighty creator/s with no expectations of you is not

Facts - 

- There are roughly 1billion atheists/non-religious people in the world as a posed to roughly 2 billion Christians

- Everything on planet Earth came from the Sun and stars, not God. Who knows what created the stars? God perhaps.. But who created him?

- King Henry V111 re-wrote the Great Bible and beheaded 2 of his wives

- Religion is based on absolutely no hard evidence whereas science finds answers through research

- The bible has been re-written so many time by so many different Kings and Priests that it could hardly represent any truth

- Millions of innocent people were slaughtered because of Christianity

- Churches spend millions of Rands on their sound systems.. Yeah thats your donations

- The ancient Sumarians who lived before Jesus wrote on stone tablets saying that the people who came from the skies created us to work as slaves to mine gold for them. Their creation was known as Adamu ( 1st man ), much the same as Adam in Hebrew text ( meaning man ).

- They have discovered a massive reservoir of water spanning light years across in the far reaches of the universe, which means the basic elements for life to exist elsewhere is out there.. We just need to find the Earth sized planet circling the right sized star at the right distance from it with a Jupiter sized planet in its orbit and wait..

- There are a billion stars in our galaxy and trillions of galaxies in the universe.. It is estimated that there could be at least 100 000 advanced civilizations just within our galaxy. Oh and the nearest star Proxima Centauri is 4.22 light years or 39,900,000,000,000 km away.. Hmmm, coffee break!

- These paintings are religious paintings that date back 100s if not 1000s of years.. Kinda strange that they had UFO's back then innit?


  1. Fantastic, I do believe in God and your preception of religoin. Just another tool used to keep siple minded fools in line.......HA HA HA ignorances is bliss

  2. I hear you.. People seem to think I don't believe in a God or creator because I am anti-religious indoctrination. Every aspect of religion was man-made to strike fear into the minds of humans to gain control so empires could generate wealth. Our creator/God had nothing to do with it and would only want whats best for/of us. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Its all bullshit. God yes religion NO!

    1. No, God is an almighty. Religion is the man made perversion of God.

  4. Opinions are like noses. We all have one and generally they have holes in them. Religion is what jesus fought against. Study the historians work of old. Josephus, for example, and read some of the historical letters written by the powers of the day, )kings and Pahroahs) and their musings on this fellow Jesus who was doing incredible things. Thats evidence that He existed and did what the bible says he did. My frined, one day, when you reach the end of yourself and accept that their may be a God and you are not him....and you search diligently, the truth will come. One day when you understand that the works of Jesus empowered us poor mortals so that we can hela incurable diseases...(Seen it done and done it myself...not me but through His name)...then maybe...just maybe...the truth will sink in. read the whole Bible, in context, and study the writings of the men of old and you will start to glean the bigger picture. Be blessed.

    1. Thank you for the interestin comment.. I get you.. I just dont personally believe that one can heal people through Jesus. I also dont trust everything I read and written evidence is not real evidence in my opinion which may be like a nose.. Just saying that stories often get exaggerated each time they're told, especially if the purpose behind them is to control people and gain more power.. Thanks again, peace

  5. It's a good read, thanks.
    So many people, so many views.
    The truth is we are all prisoners of our birth - if you were born into a christian or catholic family, chances are you will follow that belief system. The same applies to Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus etc etc ... even consider entire cultures and tribes living deep in jungles such as Papa New Guinea or the Amazon - what of their beliefs?
    If God is truly our father would he really send us to some 'fiery hell' for eternity just because we were born into the 'wrong' culture and religion?
    Religion is man made, there is no contest there. If you follow a religion and use it for peace and good, then no one has the right to fault you. However, if you use it for power, material gain, or worse - as a justification to hurt or suppress other people; then i hope your are right in your beliefs because you may just find yourself on the flip side of 'heaven'.
    It is amazing how willing the human race is to kill, torture and rape just because someone does not believe as they do. Ironic how it goes against the very teachings of the religion they are preaching and trying to instill! If something is true why is it necessary to have to force it using fear, threats, torture and death? Surely if a religion is as beautiful, joyful and peaceful as it claims to be; then beauty, joy and peace would be the obvious way to portray it and spread it's teachings.
    We now look back on the Ancient Romans or Greeks (for example) and dismiss their belief in many Gods as ridiculous and ignorant. They believed it as strongly as we do today ... does that mean they all in some hell or are we going to be?
    Everyone blindly swears they are right in the matter of religion, but by definition that means that everyone is wrong because every other religion is 'proving' you wrong, and you cant be both.

    Religion is not a fact, but merely a belief, no one religion is more important or less possible than the next. What is believed today will eventually die out, as have many before, and be replaced by new '100% definitely correct' religions.

    I would like to suggest a new religion; 'Acceptance'. Do this than peace will follow.


  6. Thanks for your thoughts, very interesting perspectives.. Totally agree.. One thing though, religion, no matter how it is used, for peace or good, is still a very negative energy that was designed to control, divide and suppress humanity. Supporting it is like supporting the industrial revolution even though we know greenhouse gasses are helping towards global warming..

    Thanks again Shane


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